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5 Stars

    5 star review  Dr Surati is very good in his work. He takes good care of his patients. Patients 100% satisfaction is more important for him. Thanks Dr Surati.

    thumb Deepti Verma

    5 star review  At 72, I can say that this was the best dental experience I've ever had. I had an ancient filing removed today and the tooth prepared for a permanent crown. I experienced NO pain or discomfort of any kind. Plus, everyone (receptionist, technicians, and Dr. Surati) is very personable.

    thumb Wayne R

    5 star review  The hygienist and the dentist were competent, professional, efficient and friendly. I recommend them!

    thumb Joyce Crowell

    5 star review  I had fillings done, the whole staff and doctor are great....from pricing out the coverage to the thorough explanations to the procedure. Dr. Surati and everyone are really great.

    thumb Patrick Pocklington

    5 star review  Great place to go. I dont enjoy going to the dentist. They made my last experience as nice as it could be. I will not be using any other dentist other than The Hills Dentistry. Everyone is friendly and will make you feel very welcomed.

    thumb Alex Stagman

    5 star review  I just had a cavity filled today and was so nervous. Dr. Surati went above and beyond to not just calm me down, but he took time to understand what I was anxious about and explained everything in a way I could understand so there was no unknown. He did an excellent job making sure I felt no pain, and worked quickly to get it over with! He checked in often and made sure to keep me comfortable. Highly recommend!

    thumb KrisAnn Christian

    5 star review  Dr. Surati takes the time to explain procedures and options. He is approachable, reassuring and quite competent. Gabrielle displays alacrity, making appointments and answering myriad questions. The vibe in the office is positive and calming. I always feel well-taken care of when I visit "The Hills Dentistry."

    thumb Mary Ann Reed

    5 star review  Can I give 6 stars? The Hills Dentistry, specifically their hygienist Kayla, totally changed my life. I found them via referral three years ago as an adult with major dentist-phobia that had followed me from childhood. Kayla without a doubt healed me, and who knew the answer was so simple! She is supremely patient, incredibly knowledgeable, and willing to share that knowledge and answer any and every questions that comes up. I discovered that for me, the solution to my phobia was information. People digging around in your mouth with no information is scary. But when you know that you have deeper-than-usual pits in your occlusal areas that make them more susceptible to cavities, it makes the sticking & poking back there feel less scary and more like self-care--which is ultimately what regular dental visits have become for me. Dr. Surati is exactly how he presents on the website--friendly, nice, super smart, and forward-thinking. Everything about his team and the office feels cutting-edge, and I always trust him to consult on new trends and innovations. As a Nashville native, it's also been neat to hear him reflect on massive changes in the city, or even recommend a spot for lunch. Finally, would not be a complete review without a shout out to Gabrielle at the front desk--any service experience begins and ends with the reception desk, and she kills it. She's warm, friendly, & efficient. Who would have thought, me, a borderline dentist evangelist? Life is full of surprises!

    thumb Jeana Poindexter


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